This week in class we focused on the relationships that we build with the students during tutorials.  The prompt for this week was:

If you attempted to apply any of the things we discussed in last week’s reading to your tutoring this week, tell us how it went.  What approaches do you think we could take in the DKC to make our service seem less transactional and more about building relationships (between students and us and students and technology).  What approaches can we take to encourage us to think about students holistically? How can we help students who have difficulty seeing the value of what they’re doing with the technologies we assist them with?

I did attempt to use some of the things we discussed in a tutorial that I had this past week.  I started by asking them what exactly they were thinking of/ what they wanted to accomplish with their domain. By doing this, I was able to better understand what the student was looking for and was able to help them instead of simply choosing the “best” option for them.
When it comes to making tutoring less of a “transaction”, I think that if we are helpful to the students, they will come back for more help, and maybe even suggest us to their friends.  I think that if we are friendly and don’t try to be a robot, the tutoring will come across as less transactional.
Thinking of students holistically, we might want to consider how they would use Domain of One’s Own throughout their career here at UMW, and how they might want to organize their site into different sections.  For example, they might want to use a subdomain for their class project, and save their main domain for use as a resume site, or as a portfolio where they can showcase the work that they have created throughout their years here at UMW.  When students have difficulties seeing the point of assignments, we can help them to find value in the class assignments by explaining how this can relate to something they might work on later, or apply it to real-life situations.  If the assignment is part of a blog, we can explain that they can use the blog as an example of past work and link to it from a resume,  or from their main domain, if they choose to use it as a resume/ portfolio site.