Recently we have decided to blog as part of our DGST 483 class, which is a tutoring practicum for student tutors in the DKC! Last week was the first week of blogging, and I didn’t ever complete my post from last week until now, but better late than never, right?

 Last week’s prompt was:

What did you think your work as a tutor would involve? What does it actually involve? How do you think that DKC tutors act as student leaders at UMW?

I first started as a tutor in the DKC at the start of the Spring 2015 Semester, so I have been here 1 year already! I didn’t really know what to expect, but the job is a lot more involved than I had originally thought it would be! Before moving to the DKC, I worked at the Info Desk in the Convergence Center, so I essentially just moved upstairs. At the Info Desk, my I had a lot of down time, so I was able to work on my homework while sitting at the desk, and occasionally I would check out equipment to other students.
After moving to the DKC, I thought I would still have a fair amount of down time, and might just be sitting around, but boy was I wrong! Over the time that I have been working here, the DKC is consistently busy with appointments and walk-ins, and we have become an even more popular place for students to come when they need help.  When we are not tutoring, we are always expected to be learning a new skill or program so that we can become comfortable with tutoring it!

DKC tutors act as student leaders at UMW by helping other students and providing support to them when they need help on a digital project.  When students have difficulties and problems that they don’t know how to fix, they look to us for advice.  We are leaders, because we want to share our knowledge and expertise with our peers, because we want to see them succeed, just like we want to succeed.  Student tutors, not just DKC tutors, act as leaders on campus, because our jobs fill specific niches that are not occupied by a large number of students.  We all have different abilities and strong points, and we put our skills to use by helping other colleagues and peers.